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such as favorite toys,

Subconsciously looked back and the money the sea has stood far behind. As if her dream to see the black figure, he just replaced a patch of black, wholesale nhl jerseys, is just the right to fill.
"Can you fled here, not bad!" Money by the sea shouting, even if his voice, but his voice or the wind blowing over from behind Yin condensate to take away a lot, so standing on the rooftop edge The Yin condensate did not really.
"You said, if I can escape, you'll let me."
"I have said it?" Money by the sea to play the fool charge stunned moment later, a clear understanding of the Mo Yang, "Oh, seems to be, I recorded a tape recorder, right, right, right. Only , you really can be spared out it? unless you jump off from here as long as you escape from this building, even if you win yo, pro Otherwise, you lose. "
"Since if they had died, then I Siyeyaosi on the outside!" Said Yin condensate turned, a small step forward toward the edge of the roof.
Just really want to jump off it? What kind of feeling from such a high jump? Will not like the feeling of flying? Yin Ning looked toward the downstairs, perhaps the dark, she saw only the fence of a, the external paved with white tiles downstairs dark. The black soil, the short put it mildly, is not a green flower. Flower beds also seem piled some corrugated boxes and black plastic bags, loaded up with things, just too far away, the black plastic bags, pocket looks seemingly is wearing, it is not clear what concrete filled. Ning Yin only pray those things is the best waste of cotton or clothing, and then bad even if it is waste paper is also doubtful, do not break the tank broken tile, glassware, a class of things. Otherwise, I fell on those things, not killed, will become the blizzard of human flesh.
If you want to completely get out, she must jump. Yin Ning took a deep breath, the Xinyi Heng, then point the feeling of heroic martyrdom. The face of their impending suicidal behavior, she suddenly remembered a joke:
Q. What is the difference between the jump from the second floor and jump from the 20th Floor,?
A jump from the second floor is the "bang - ah!"; Jump from 20th Floor, "ah ----------- bang!"
So, she jumped from the eighth floor, estimated that "ah ---- Bang!"
Can not help but sneer, and she thought such a joke. Helplessness I found that not only kill It takes courage, suicide takes courage. Kill, you want the results of the life of others. Suicide when you are about to end life is their own. Always hypocritical animals, cheap jerseys from china, only true to the moment of dying, you will find yourself just how greedy for life
Yin Ning swallowed saliva, and again the other foot to move forward a small step was death to the last minute, or some hesitation and retreat. Looked back at closer, faster, only a few steps away from the money the sea.
"If I throw in the towel, is what die?" Yin condensate heartbeat quickly, she was both frightened and nervous.
Who is really willing to die? Since she has been in the heart promised Qinzheng want to live, she must complete the promise. Moreover, she painlessly, if you jump from so high place, will be hurt. Internal organs will be made into a patty, maybe the death process can be extremely long. If so, she would have preferred the happy point of death. Of course, she is now so ask money by the sea is not really throw in the towel, she Yin condensate will not admit defeat! Especially metamorphosis throw in the towel to a! Even killed the money by the sea, do not throw in the towel! So she ask, just in time-consuming it, because to judge from the sky now, not black, but increasingly the white. Is the pre-dawn dark. Yin condensate implied looking around a bit around and found where they are is very remote, the dice before the village could, after vain shop feeling. Can I dawn after it? Good luck, maybe someone will after. Regardless Yin condensate hold at the moment is left to chance, or too good fantasy, in short, it is the first such a drag, drag one o'clock is one o'clock.
"How to die?" Qian sea paused, it seems that the first thought to this question like, "I'll give you a pin Lok after you die through, put your bulbs to the formalin forest inside, stuffed and then you draw a good-looking makeup, to give you to wear a beautiful dress. I will put you dressed as a doll as beautiful. so you can always stay with me, has been to play with game will never be separated and I and Shui Yebie want robbed! "
Hear the money to the sea, then Ning Yin felt the hairs all stood up. Did not expect the money to the sea to put their own into a specimen, but also to their own body make-up wearing a skirt, but also accompanied him to play! Is too sick!
Yin condensate turned Leyan platform edge, according to this distance, as long as she go down to a small step back, her body weight will be offset, it is easy to cast down. At this point the wind abruptly blowing a burst of winds from the downstairs, cheap nfl jerseys,to Yin condensate and some standing firm, almost really fell out of.
Money by the sea rushed out, sneer, "you lose them, at least, also Side Hao Aspect, you are not the most beautiful you? Siyeyaosi good-looking? If you fell out from here and will definitely be made into a Rouni , maybe your beautiful eyeball will run from the eyes, the intestines will flow from the stomach, is difficult to see die. you but I am most proud of the toy, you should feel honored to fishes.
Honor your sister! I die ugly or good-looking dead, you? "See the money the sea Benedict long period of slowly around to the side, Yin condensate careful step aside moved a step, a good estimate of yourself distance from the edge of the platform. But listen to the meaning of his words seem to feel that the money the sea does not want to fall down to become Rouni. Although it is reluctant to assume so, did not he have a special hobby or her body, like towering like necrophilia? Or, as his own income, she is his favorite toys, stuffed?
Money by the sea, then with some ambiguous feeling, can Yin condensate always feel this feeling and abnormal love has nothing to do. The only money the sea metamorphosis, or he was just trying to own as a trophy to the collection up nothing.
"Why did you bring us these people off to come here?"
"Ah" every face Yin Ning's question, the money the sea seems to have to do some serious thinking, fun ah, you do not think I designed a very interesting game it! Do not you feel that stimulate you?
Fun, games, toys ... these are not the only children like to play something, suddenly, Yin condensate will understand money and surrounded by some kind of abnormal psychology. I am afraid he just does not like to manipulate other people, with a certain plot of God. No, no, play, playing God. Just like playing house, but his master consciousness is particularly strong
Although the the Yin condensate is not psychology, but her father is an expert in child psychology, even if she was not professional theory, childhood love tired with Daddy Yin condensate play a small monasteries followed, more or less still some impression, so Man always bring each other to see a quasi-head of 7788.
Yin condensate is estimated that the money by the sea state of mind is perhaps an early age is distorted, congenital, acquired regardless. But at least mankind has not stop the money to the sea grow to a devil's footsteps. And he is now a lot of extreme acts and ways of doing things should all be well received by the impact of childhood, such as favorite toys, like role-playing, like the layout of the game.
Yin Ning guess not, she can be sure the money the sea Zhesi IQ is extremely high, remember that in the seventh off when it seems to have mentioned his education. Yin condensate surprised, because she suddenly thought, money ring the sea in the seventh off the time of their qualifications, their qualifications are bought at Harvard degree. Harvard! Regardless of whether it is using money to buy, if that was the nature of the card and the truth, Adventure, its metamorphosis of the paranoid personality is categorically not lie. But, according to his IQ, reading is a very easy thing. Logically, it does not get a degree. , Can not forget, or paranoid! This is the sea level of compliance with the rules of the game can be seen through the money. Then he certainly is overly attached to a particular discipline, and abandoned the other courses, he said, the degree is bought. coach purses outlet,Then he would What is your major?
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