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Do they reproduce the factory Ram Air hood?

Saw a grand am the other day with a ram air hood that looked factory, where can i find one for a reasonable price?
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They are rare to find for sale, and no you can't find a dealer that'll sell you one. Even if you could it would pricey as sht.

There was a person on here claiming he had a brand new one in the box and we told him we wanted IRL pics but he never came through so it most likely was a sham.

I got my SC/T hood for $150 from a member on here and the SC/T spoiler for $25. Had to drive 2 and a half hours but well worth it. Actually surprised I got it since I just found his for sale thread TWO years later and the hood and spoiler was still not sold, he originally wanted $325+ for both.

Yes its not functional but I'd rather take a rare item rather then a functional hood because I would take rarity over functionality on a car that I'm not going to tune. Plus doesn't sell the functional one anymore.
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