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3.4L internals

Have a 99 grand am gt, and was wanting to know exactly how much the stock internals can take. No one seems to make a steel forged crank for this, so what can i do to go force inducted? Can i turbo or supercharge this stock engine, and if i do how much boost can i go and stuff like that???
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you can do anything you want.. there are quite a few people running around here with turbo, s/c, and even a new guy who has a rear mount turbo on his.
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The engine is mostly good, the weak link is the transmission, when I boosted mine, it seemed to be that most people said around 200-220 at the wheels is about the limit it can take for an extended period of time. I had mine tuned to around 205 at the front wheels, it could have made more but in the end the GA will never be the fastest car I own, so I was keeping it semi-reliable as its also a daily driver
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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
There really is no solid number for how much power they can take. Not that many people have pushed them to their limit. They can take quite a bit of power in stock form though. The key is good tuning. If you detonate, it will break something at relatively low power levels. If it's tuned well you can make power safely.

The things most likely to happen with detonation and/or very high power levels are bent rods or cracked pistons. The stock pistons aren't super strong, but can handle around 400hp. The weaker parts are valvetrain related. The stock valve springs and timing chain are weak and need to be upgraded. The stock trans also won't take a lot of power without upgrades. It doesn't break... the clutches wear out and it starts to slip.
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