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Side Post Battery Issue

yesterday morning I went to go to work. got in my car all was normal until I tried to start it. everything worked (lights, radio, ect) but when I turned the key to start nothing happened. not a click, nothing. that's happened to me before, one of my side post battery terminals came a little lose. no big deal. so I popped the hood, check both terminals, both were very tight so I got in the car and tried again. nothing still. I d*cked around tightening it, cleaning terminals everything I could think of. nothing still. so I drove the wifes car to work.

after I got home I narrowed it down to the + side post. I don't know if my battery is stripped or what the hell is going on. I took off the side post terminal and tried to run a 4 gauge wire from my top post, down to my side post. it was too thick and didn't tighten all the way. so for right now I have a 4 gauge wire running from my top terminal down to the starter/alt wires using a bolt washer and nut to keep them all together and a crap ton of electrical tape. jimmy rigged I know, but i'm wondering if anyone has a link to a side post battery terminal that had longer threads then stock.

thanks boys.

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I just replaced the battery in mine. The replacement was a group 75DT, with the DT meaning dual terminals. I still used the side posts, but ay my leisure, I plan on replacing the cables (or least the negative one) with a slightly longer one that's a top post cable. I really hate those side posts!
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Longer bolts exist (such as a napa 728194) but the threaded length isn't any longer than the shorties. If the terminal was tight the problem is probably not thread damage. Pull the red rubber jacket off - GM side post positives often have lots of corrosion hiding inside.
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