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99 GAGT No Start Condition

So now I'm having trouble with my wife's 99 GAGT. A few days ago I went up to the auto parts store, they didn't have what I wanted so I decided to head down the road to another. I got into the turn lane and while waiting for an opportunity to go the car decided to shut off. No warning, no sputtering or acting, it just turned off. I started it right back up and took off. Got to the next auto parts store, got what I needed and got back in the car to go home. As soon as I turned the key on ask of the doors locked, which does not happen until you put the shifter into gear, and the car would not stay start. I tried a few times but it just cranked. Having had security/passlock issues with this car in the past, I decided to wait the 10 minutes for the security system to reset. After the 10 minutes, I tried to start and it still would not start. And again, the doors ask locked immediately after turning the key on. I opened the door to listen for the fuel pump the next crank, and I didn't hear anything. I closed the door and turned the key back on, the doors did not lock this time, and the car started right up.

This morning my wife said the same thing happened to her just as she was leaving for work.

I have replaced the ignition cylinder and module a couple of times already in this car, however the security light is always on and never turns off, even after resetting it. I'm not sure what's going on, but the doors locking when the key is turned on is new and not normal.

Any ideas?
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I started to have some passlock issues the other day from ripping out my aftermarket alarm system. I ended up bypassing the sercurity system, and never had that issue again. Not to say that is your problem since your symptoms are very different than mine. Only symptom my had was upon starting the car, it would immediately die and the security light would come on.
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