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Idle Stall - 2001 2.4L SE

Just recently i started to get an Idle stall on my car when it warms up. It idles down and gets a little rough and then it randomly stalls out, unless i give it some gas. It does start right back up. It also seems to accelerate a little slow.

I have a 2001 GA SE with the 2.4L engine.

Here are a list of things I have tried to see if it would fix it:

Cleaned TB
Cleand IAC plunger and airway
Cleaned MAP sensor, I sprayed the tip of it with MAF cleaner, I didn't spray inside of it, as I wasn't sure if this was a bad idea or not.
I replaced the tube from the MAP sensor, It didnt look bad but I had something laying around and figured I would give it a shot.
I steamed out the TB with a little water, while hot, in order to shake a little carbon out.
I placed a ground washer on G103 and G105, and cleaned up the connections on both ground mounts in that area.

None of these seemed to have helped much, although the car feels a little nicer on acceleration now.

I do have a SES light on, I did get the code pulled and I am having a P0440 code, which is indication of a vacuum leak.

Upon seeing that I took the TB cleaner and sprayed it around some of the hose connections to see if it would IDLE up, I am not certain TB cleaner will do this in the same manner as Carb cleaner, so I may have just wasted the cleaner.

I also took the time to check the gas cap. I applied some grease around it and cleaned it up around that area to ensure a good seal.

Neither of these seemed to fix anything.

Any further suggestions?

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