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'99 Emerald Green GT

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'99 Emerald Green GT
Suspension/Wheel Modification
  • Intrax Springs, KYB Struts, MB Vision Rims w/ Cooper Zenon Tires
Exterior Modifications
  • 5% Tint, Shaved Badges, CCG XXL Grill Kit, Black Autodynasty Headlights, TYC Black Taillights

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Gallery Statistics
Member: Grreen99GT
Created: 06-24-2007 11:46 AM
Last Modified: 06-24-2007 11:59 AM
Views: 1527
Images: 7
Comments: 3

Author Comment Date
littlel2305 nice car. i have almost the exact same one...same year and color but mine is 2 door. i love the tail lights! and nice paint job on the interior too. you should go check out my car.
Buckshotcd89 hey i have a 99 ga GT 2dr also and planning to buy wheels for it soon. do u know how big the rims can be without it scrubbing? thanks _cory 07-31-2007
hotcarmaster12 I love your car. Im 15, and I am supposed to get a grand am in a couple of months. Im getting a 99' SE becuase I wanted the steering wheel controls. I want to convert it to a GT, Do you know where I can get parts To do that?? Any suggestions will help!
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