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1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

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1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT
Engine/Performance Modifications
  • Doctor Speed cold air intake
  • Taylor 8mm spark plug wires
  • Gatorback belt
  • Milzy Motorsports PCM
Suspension/Wheel Modification
  • Intrax lowering springs
  • 18" Italia Inox rims
  • 235/40/18 Pirelli PZero Nero M&S tires
Exterior Modifications
  • Grafxwerks arrowhead overlay
  • Grafxwerks GT vinyl
  • 20% tint
  • Custom headlights
  • Angel eye fogs
Interior Modifications
  • 2 gauge a piller
  • Painted interior
  • Pioneer overhaul:
    Headunit with 3-way speakers all around
  • 2 12" rockford fosgate p1 subwoofers in sealed enclosure
  • P325.2 rockford fosgate punch series amp
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Member: badboy2451
Created: 03-17-2006 10:50 AM
Last Modified: 03-03-2007 11:01 AM
Views: 2530
Images: 6
Comments: 13

Author Comment Date
kevinkev70 so,so hott man! 12-27-2006
Luke My 00 Gt should look like this. Man, I have a ways to go. L8ter 10-18-2006
DREAMGT hey whats up i have a 2000 gt how do i post pictures of it 09-25-2006
LoboMan7409 Those rims are the best rims ever on a GT 09-21-2006
KowalGT Nice ride.. i had a 99 GT as well, black, 01 GT Red, and now the 04 Fusion Orange. I added you on AIM.. FuzOrngGAGT2004 07-23-2006
juzy187 just wondering if you were happy with the doctor speed cold air intake..get back at me 07-14-2006
badboy2451 haha nice typo...thanks for the comments everyone, hopefully i can get my wheels fixed and back on soon 06-20-2006
GtGoddess bad boy vad boy....whatchu gonna do? whatchu gonna do when I come for you.... NICE i love it 06-20-2006
pyro one of the nicest GT's on here 05-31-2006
PcFlip How'd you get the wheels to fit.. I have a 99 GAGT and I Love the look of those wheels.. where'd you find them?? 05-30-2006
AKGAGT Nice looking ride. 05-28-2006
xxbackhillxx i like the wheels too. 03-23-2006
lironet I love those rims! 03-22-2006
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