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Oh the list..

Well, by the join date I was finishing up my first semester in my first college..been to 3 total by now, scraped only one degree out of the whole mess,

Gotten 2 tattoos in that time, traveled the world, experienced unemployment, worked multiple jobs..blah blah blah

Became a Mason and really improved my life, that's the biggy for me, and probably the only reason I'm not flaming GTLUVA anymore for her monetary/car decisions..because I'm actually trying to be somewhat of a decent person,

Oh, and I made thousands and thousands of useless posts, I've learned how to piss Bob off all over again, I've contributed maybe <1% of my posts to good useful info on here (car detailing)..and I've gotten a few members banned after MASSIVE flamewars..and yet, I'm still here.

I've also probably racked up more warning points and bans than any members present or past..and they keep letting me come back, for some strange reason,
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go make your own mcflurry you mcfagget
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Why do you keep thinking I'm some right wing faggot?
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