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PhantomLover007 has made plenty of valid pointsPhantomLover007 has made plenty of valid points
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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
I just got my 10th domain renewal notice for! Hard to believe this site has been around in one form or another for 10 years. I still remember back to the old AOL days, even the bravenet forum we had going for a bit.

What amazes me the most is the activity/questions/new members we still get every day for a car that hasn't rolled off the assembly line for about 5 years now. That shows you that people are still passionate about their cars and still have in interest in the community we've built here.

I know of at least 1 marriage (and soon to be baby) that was apart of making (the marriage..not the baby). I've met some truly amazing people in the years, I've built some great friendships, had plenty of good times, a few bad times, but all of it has been a great trip.

In the past 10 years, I've had the following life experiences:
- 1 got married to an amazing woman
- had 2 beautiful children
- built a house
- been at the same job for 10 years
- lost some people that were very special in my life
- more than I can probably remember.

Anyone else here have some thoughts/memories/experiences/weddings/kids/etc. happen while being a part of the community?

Sik and Terese was a ruse...

Actively joined the site (I Googled Grand Am forums.. ) a year after buying the GA, which I bought a couple of weeks before going on my 1st deployment to Iraq in '05. W/in the 1st week of posting, I got my 1st warning pts for PWing a F/S thread... . I've seen alot of bad a$$ GA's and got alot of help and advice on fixing up the GA. I've PW'd more than I can remember, met alot of cool folks (most of them named Matt.. ), a few a$$hats, some that are questionable concerning their manhood or gheyness, one really ghey Asian guy and one that knows everything about oil and poutine, and unfortunately...some straight dumba$$es... . Flirted w/ alot of the women on here and now I'm a "stalker" because of it.. and learned about wet laptops

It's stilla great site, I still love to PW and ya'll are great folks
Originally Posted by Ajaxus View Post
Oh, and I'm now house trained, so no more urinary issues to worry about.

My ride:
GA's ONLY SC/T'ed Grand Am according to CarDomain

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