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SikMindz has made plenty of valid pointsSikMindz has made plenty of valid points
I went to Atco '09 and all I got was Amber preggers and no lousy t-shirt.

I joined when I was in prime Fab-hitting-on-me age around 16 or so. Considering how small the pool of locals I actually know or have stayed in touch with, it's ironic that I am still in close contact and see members from 8-10 different states.

Haven't had the GA for a few years now but I do frequent this site more than any other forums I'm on. My only regret is not having actually met either of the Gurus although I don't think they would say the same.. Regardless, I still think I should be made a super mod- 'cause I rock like that.

What else? Oh yeah- my mom is as famous as I am on ANY GA forum apparently. Don't know how I feel about that.
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That's why I keep a few black guys around. They really know how to fill my gaping holes. The mini tootsie rolls you asians carry around just come close.
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